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The value of your car can decrease substantially after a crash, even if it’s restored to like-new condition. Prior to 2022, drivers were stuck absorbing the financial loss.

Our attorneys helped establish diminished value case law in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in McGilloway vs. Safety Insurance. Now, insurance companies must cover diminished value for eligible claims.

What You Get When You Work With Us

Helping drivers recover their losses after a crash

We know navigating life after a car accident is difficult, especially if you were injured. Insurance companies rarely – if ever – act in the best interest of the policyholder and often go out of their way to make submitting legitimate claims a nightmare to discourage people from filing.

We’re here to help. When you work with our team of veteran diminished value attorneys, you get:

  • Individual attention to your case
  • Trained investigators to gather concrete evidence validating the cause of damage and cost of repairs
  • Access to licensed local auto appraisers
  • Help getting a vehicle to drive while yours is repaired
  • Experienced legal advocacy in settlement negotiations
  • Representation during litigation if your case goes to court
  • Sound legal advice on how to get the best results
  • Help completing forms and submitting paperwork to the appropriate agencies

Our Diminished Value Attorneys Know the Law

Our diminished value car accident attorneys know the law because we helped create it. Our client, Mr. McGilloway of McGilloway vs. Safety Insurance won his claim in the Supreme Court, requiring Safety Insurance Company to pay for the decreased value of Mr. McGilloway’s vehicle after the collision.

Because this case established precedent, all insurers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be required to cover diminished value for policyholders whose vehicles were damaged in an eligible motor vehicle accident.

We know that having to repair or replace your car after an accident is a hassle, especially when car insurance companies don’t want to help you get a rental or offer a fair settlement. Our law firm is dedicated to helping drivers navigate the legal system after their vehicle was damaged in a collision and obtaining the maximum available compensation for a diminished value claim.

We act as a buffer between you and the other driver and the insurance company involved in your case. Instead of hassling you with phone calls and questions, when you work with us, insurance adjusters must contact us directly.

We can also help you:

  • Recover compensation for lost wages after a car accident
  • Obtain benefits for medical expenses
  • Pursue disability benefits if you were temporarily or permanently disabled in a car accident
  • Get justice for injuries or death caused by another driver’s negligence

Client Reviews

I was in a bad car accident last summer one day after making my final car payment. I really wasn’t sure how to navigate getting my money back and the medical care I needed because I did not have health insurance. Attorney Rob was professional and honest. He was prompt to return and calls and quick to relay information.

I had never been through this process before and they made me feel so comfortable right away. They handled everything from A-Z with minimal effort on my part. I greatly appreciate their service and would be happy to use them again should the case come up.

I was thankful a friend of mine directed me to work with this firm. My first impression going into this office and speaking with Kevin McCullough and team were they are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and really care about their clients!

Attorney Kevin McCullough never failed to prioritize my questions and concerns regarding my accident. I am so lucky to have been recommended him and his colleagues, and I will make sure to pass the recommendation on.

It was an amazing experience. Everyone that works there was amazing. They were very friendly, kind, and excellent. was extremely helpful, friendly and eager to help me in any way possible.

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If your car was damaged in a motor vehicle collision, you may be eligible to collect financial compensation for the loss in your vehicle’s value. Our diminished value attorneys are available now to provide you with comprehensive legal assistance and zealous representation.

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